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Helping you navigate life after bereavement

Facing life without a loved one?

Thinking that you should be coping better, be stronger, that you're just not doing as well as others around you

Pretending to cope on the outside but crumbling inside

Telling everyone you're fine because you want to protect them or because they just don't get it anyway ?

 Need a place where...

you can say what those around you don't want to hear

you can show what those around you don't want to see

you know that what you're feeling is normal, even when you doubt that it is

where you can give away your tears, your worry, your sadness, your relief, your guilt, your anger 

where you can just be, no pressure, no pretence ?

Counselling with me can help you to...

untangle your thoughts to help you think clearer

explore your emotions and reactions to help you understand them better

understand your anxiety, loss of identity, change of lifestyle or changed relationships 

release the weight you carry to help you feel less burdened

carry your grief lighter with you

I'm Gill, and after caring for parents following cancer diagnosis and the grief and impact it had on me, I trained as a Counsellor and now help adults through feelings, emotions and other losses associated with grief when someone in their life has died.....

bereavement counsellor west lancs
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